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NH Department of Education Key Messages for August


A. ESEA Flexibility Waiver

The Department has named priority and focus schools designated under the ESEA waiver formula. This list is now up on the Web site at http://www.education.nh.gov/instruction/priority-focus. For further information on the definition of priority and focus schools see the flexibility waiver application on the Web site (www.education.nh.gov/accountability-system). The flexibility waiver addresses four areas: State Standards and Assessments; School Accountability and Supports; Educator Effectiveness; and the Use of Data to Inform Instruction.

Contact: Heather Gage, (603) 271-5992, Heather.Gage@doe.nh.gov


A. Alternative 4/5 New Hires

As you are hiring new educators please remember that any potential candidates seeking alternative routes to certification should have a statement of eligibility. This enables you to hire these candidates. If you hire a candidate with a statement of eligibility, you are encouraged to have the new hire begin their Alternative 4 or 5 plans immediately. There is a Guide to Alternative 4 Certification as well as an Alternative 4/5 Certification process flow chart that you might find helpful on the DOE Web site at http://www.education.nh.gov/certification.

Contact: Rilma Fox: (603)-271-3873, Rilma.Fox@doe.nh.gov

B. Critical Shortage List

Superintendents are able to complete the Critical Shortage Survey by using the Electronic Submission System (ESS) accessible by signing on to the myNHDOE Single Sign On System (https://my.doe.nh.gov/myNHDOE). There will be no spreadsheets to e-mail or FAX back to the NH Department of Education. The due date for the return of this information is August 23rd. Please use August 16th as the date to collect your information. The information that we gather from these surveys is very important in the development of the Critical Shortage List. Thank you for your prompt attention to this survey.

Contact: Nancy Jacobs, (603) 271-3453, Nancy.Jacobs@doe.nh.gov

C. HQT Data – Course and Class Assignments for HQT

The Educator Information System (EIS) will be the source for New Hampshire’s HQT data for the 2012-2013 school year. This is part of NH’s annual Title II-A federal reporting. Please check your district’s HQT status in EIS and work to get the number of classes taught by non-HQT educators to zero. Non-HQT classes in EIS are often the result of errors in naming assignments in the course submissions. In some cases there should be a change in teaching assignments. Please call if you need assistance in reconciling your educator HQT status.

Contact: Ginny Clifford, (603) 271-3455, Virginia.Clifford@doe.nh.gov

D. NH Foundations of Reading Test

Effective as of July 14, 2014, the NH Foundations of reading assessment will be required for the following endorsements: Elementary Education K-6 and K-8, Early Childhood Education, Reading and Writing Teacher, and Reading Specialist. For information about the test please go to http://www.nh.nesinc.com.

Contact: Ginny Clifford, (603) 271-3455, Virginia.Clifford@doe.nh.gov

E. Praxis Exams

NEW Core Academic Skills for Educators assessment replaces the Praxis I or PPST beginning this fall. Test #5751 is the combination test. There are three subsets in Mathematics, Reading and Writing that may be taken separately.

The NH State Board of Education recently approved the passing scores for new Praxis exams in Mathematics and ELA. Please be certain to check the New Hampshire information on the ETS Web site (www.ets.org/praxis/nh/requirements) before choosing to take a test. ETS may still be offering tests in other parts of the country that NH has dropped. Students need to find the correct test number for New Hampshire to be certain they take the right test. The Department of Education is no longer creating a document of required tests so outdated Praxis memos should be discarded. Tests are updated regularly and the test numbers change.

Contact: Ginny Clifford, (603) 271-3455, Virginia.Clifford@doe.nh.gov


A. Course and Class Submissions Fall 2013-14 Courses and Class Rosters

You can now submit 2013-14 SubmissionCourse and StudentClassSubmissions. The SubmissionCourse should identify all of your educator assignments. The StudentClassSubmission should include the roster of students assigned to each class. These submissions will enable teachers to view a multitude of reports in PerformnacePLUS to learn about their students’ strengths and areas of need.

Contact: Cyndy Currier, (603) 801-0444, ccurrier@mac.com

B. End Of Year (EOY) i4see Data Collection

Thank you to all districts who have uploaded their end of year data and are resolving their anomalies!

a) The EOY (end of year) Schedule

• August 1 – All state anomalies should have been resolved and District Reports confirmed so that Superintendents can “certify” the following EOY submissions: EOY Enrollment, EOY Academic, and Sped Public. Superintendents should print, complete, sign and send the following reports AFTER they have certified the EOY Enrollment: “Tuition Report Receiving,” “Nonpublic 12-13 Special Education Students (A13N),” and “Nonpublic 12-13 Non-Special Education Students (A13 Other)” reports

• now-October 31 – The DOE will review all submissions and contact schools with questions

• November 1 – Superintendents should print, sign and submit remaining end of year reports (including Determination Sign Off)

b) NECAP Label Requests for Fall Testing

• The i4see Workbench is now open for NECAP Label Requests and will close August 16th. (Although testing is for grades 3-8 and 11, please submit ALL grades PK-12 for populating Performance Plus)

• Please be sure the label requests contain the correct grade for the students being tested this Fall.

Contact: Sandy Hyslop, (603) 271-2831, Sandy.Hyslop@doe.nh.gov

C. PerformancePLUS Support Fall 2013-14

  • Look for ways to learn more about Performance PLUS and how you can use it to target and improve instruction.
  • Take advantage of on-line courses (Learning Paths) on NH Networks.
  •  Join in on webinars coming this fall.
  • Have a data coach come to your school.
  • View reports that have been targeted for your classes. Login to P+ and view “MyReports.”

For questions, to learn about the above topics, or request help contact Irene.

Contact: Irene Koffink, (603) 271-3865, Irene.Koffink@doe.nh.gov


ALL RFPs Can be Found on the Department Website at www.education.nh.gov/rfp/index.htm

A. Educator Effectiveness Coordination & Implementation

The NH Department of Education seeks an individual to assist with the oversight of the Educator Effectiveness Initiative and related data systems. The contractor will assist the Department of Education with implementing the Educator Effectiveness Initiative used by schools to improve instruction. With increased demands due to federal, state and local needs, educator development systems are expanding and becoming increasingly critical to the functions of our schools. The Department has built the basic infrastructure for these systems, but continues to expand data quality and multiple measures for these systems to measure student achievement and growth. Multiple measures are being refined to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction and school leadership. The vendor providing services under this contract will help the Department oversee the work necessary to meet the expanded needs for training and implementation of quality educator evaluation systems. The contractor will also help lead the expansion of these systems as they form the basis for education reform in New Hampshire. Applications due: 4:30 p.m., Friday, August 23, 2013.

Contact: Marjorie Schoonmaker, (603) 271-3620, Marjorie.Schoonmaker@doe.nh.gov

B. Preschool Outcome Measurement System: Technical Assistance and Data Supports

The Bureau of Special Education is seeking proposals from an individual or an organization to support the Bureau with data collection and analysis for federal reporting for Indicator 7: Preschool Outcomes in the NH Special Education State Performance Plan and Annual Performance Report. Deadline for receipt of proposals: Friday, August 23, 2013.

Contact: Barbara Raymond, (603) 271-3791, Barbara.Raymond@doe.nh.gov

C. Title I-A Program Review and Technical Assistance For Districts And Schools

The Division of Instruction is seeking an individual with Title I-A experience to participate in Title I-A program application reviews and to provide technical assistance to school districts and schools. Proposals will be read beginning on August 19, 2013. Any proposals received after the above deadline will be considered if the position is not filled with an applicant that submitted by the deadline.

Contact: Paula DeLisi, (603) 271-2718, Paula.Delisi@doe.nh.gov

Technical Assistance to Title I Priority and Focus Schools

Proposals will be read beginning on August 22, 2013. There is not a deadline for submission of proposals. This is an ongoing process to review proposals from highly qualified individuals or entities to provide technical assistance to Title I Priority and/or Focus Schools. Individuals or entities that meet the rigorous requirements of the RFP proposal will be placed on the Office of School Turnaround vetted list. This list will be a resource for Title I Priority and Focus Schools to contract for services. This is not a competitive process.

Contact: Paula DeLisi, (603) 271-2718, Paula.Delisi@doe.nh.gov


A. Minimum Standards for Public School Approval, Ed 306

Ed 306 was approved by the State Board to enter rulemaking at their June 13th meeting. A public hearing will be held at 11:00 a.m. on August 19th in Room 15 at the NH Department of Education, 101 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301. There will be a second public hearing at Lin-Wood Elementary School, 72 Linwood Drive, Lincoln, NH on September 9th. There is also the opportunity for the public to input testimony electronically at http://www.education.nh.gov/legislation/ed306review.htm. This will continue through September 13, 2013.

Contact: Mary Mayo, (603) 271-3189, Mary.Mayo@doe.nh.gov


A. STAND UP 2013 New Hampshire

On Friday, November 15, 2013, thousands of middle and high school students and teachers from across New Hampshire will come together at the Whittemore Center Arena on the University of New Hampshire’s Durham campus for a one-day program to take a stand against all forms of bullying. During the day, students will discuss the issue, hear from inspirational speakers, and caucus to exchange ideas and discuss action plans for their schools. This rally was a call to action for students to take a stand against bullying! Admission is FREE. Space is limited. To register or for more information go to http://www.standuptobullyingnh.org.


A. Tools for Schools – Taking the First Step

Indoor Air Quality management in schools will not just happen – it requires leadership and teamwork. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Tools for Schools (TfS) kit provides easy to understand guidance to allow your school to prevent and solve the majority of indoor air problems. New Hampshire Partners for Healthy Schools (NHPHS) continues to host year long webinar series that walk participants step by step on how to successfully use the EPA Tools for Schools program. In this fourth session, NHPHS will review the contents of the TfS kit and guide you through the process of identifying an IAQ Coordinator, pulling together a TfS team and taking the first three steps to prepare your school for launching a successful TfS program in the fall. To register or for more information go to http://www.nhhealthyschoolenvironments.org.


US Department of Education Invites Districts to Apply for Funds to Support Classroom-Level Reform Efforts

The U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) announced that it has finalized the application for the 2013 Race to the Top-District competition, which will provide nearly $120 million to support bold, locally directed improvements in learning and teaching that will directly improve student achievement and educator effectiveness. The purpose of this program is to build upon the lessons learned from previous state-and district-level competitions and support bold, locally directed improvements in teaching and learning that will directly improve student achievement and educator effectiveness. Applicants are invited to demonstrate how they can personalize education for all students in their schools. The USDOE plans to support high-quality proposals from applicants across a varied set of school districts, including rural and non-rural as well as those already participating in a Race to the Top grant and those not currently participating. For more information go to www2.ed.gov/programs/racetothetop-district/index.html.

NH State Council on the Arts’ Fall Arts Education Partnership Conference

This conference will be held on October 25 and 26, 2013 at the Cody Outdoor Center in Ossipee. Educating in and through the arts engages students and invigorates the learning process. The conference brings teachers, artists, parents and community arts leaders together to learn about the power of the arts to transform the educational experience for all youth (in and out of the school day). Develop advocacy and leadership skills, experience hands on workshops with master level artists/educators. Presentations will include the Arts and Common Core; the new National Arts Standards, arts education research by the College Board, grants writing for the arts, and best practices in arts integration. School parent and teacher teams are encouraged to attend. To learn more contact Catherine O’Brian, Arts Education Coordinator, NH State Council on the Arts, 271-0795, or catherine.r.obrian@dcr.nh.gov. Conference details, including a “call for workshop presenters” and registration can be found at http://www.nh.gov/nharts/programservices/aieconferences/2013aieconf.html.

State Suicide Prevention Conference

The 10th Annual NH Suicide Prevention Conference will be held November 8th. It offers a variety of workshops and plenary sessions for anyone interested in suicide prevention. For more information go to http://naminh.org/node/143 or contact Patrick Roberts at proberts@naminh.org.

NH Young Adult Library Service Conference: September 26

Join teen librarians at the NH Young Adult Library Service (YALS) Conference at the Portsmouth Public Library on Thursday, September 26. Chris Shoemaker, the President-Elect of ALA’s division for Young Adult Services, will open the conference with a program on teens, technology and programming. Book talks for the Flume and Isinglass Book Awards and a discussion of programming for LGBTIQ teen patrons are also part of the program. For more information, please visit


Social Security Disability Benefits for Children – How Schools Can Help

The Social Security Administration through Supplemental Security Income (SSI) makes payments to disabled or blind children under the age of 18. When school records are requested, a form is included for the child’s current teacher or the teacher most familiar with the child to complete regarding function in the classroom. Schools can help by expediting the request for school records and by teachers expeditiously completing the teacher questionnaire and returning it. Please spread the word. Let others at the school know how important school records and information from the teacher are in the disability process.

Contact: Peggy Vieira, 271-3341, x306, Peggy.Vieira@ssa.gov


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